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Soundmachines at Salamander Makes!

This project is done in collaboration with Maker Cosmos. The original soundmachine challenge was created by Anthe Wormskamp en Esther Dolman.

We retought the original soundmachine challenge, and added a layer of sustainable making to it. We applied it in a pilot program at the Salamander schools that we called: Salamander maakt! (salamander makes!). We supplied

an array of residual materials like bicycle bell, bicycle spoke, wooden offcuts, bottle caps, screws, pieces of bricks etc. along with basic woodwork & electronic supplies like wires, motors etc as they try to create sounds from such materials. Children are encouraged to create sounds from these materials and learn about adding second life to things that would have otherwise been thrown away. There are several levels to this activity and they are also taught very basics of coding so they can really produce sounds using all these found objects.


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