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All About Makers on the Move

Makers on the move is a new initiative in Arnhem that focuses on materials used for maker education. With MotM we want to show and use the value of (residual) material to promote creativity. We do this by using residual material from local companies in Gelderland in a special way for maker education lessons and projects. With this we want to become a vibrant initiative for making manufacturing education more sustainable. Makers on the move partners with MakerCosmos and local businesses to achieve this goal.


What are we making now?

In 2021 we will be working on creating an online and physical materials bank. We research these materials, we test them and they are used for various creative education activities. With this we hope to challenge and inspire education and the creative sector to get started with material from Makers on the Move. Material that is less obvious and therefore screams for creativity!

The team

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