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Do you know a company with usable residual material? Are you interested in getting started with sustainable materials? Do you want to get involved? Get in contact with Makers on the Move!

Waste Provider


Almost all companies/manufacturing facilities tend to produce a certain amount of waste in terms of surplus, discards, residual materials etc. Even after proper segregation of such materials, recycling is extremely difficult due to less amounts of recycling plants, weak logistics and environmental policies. 

Therefore, to delay sending your precious waste to landfills, we want to intervene and collect it from you in order to increase their lifecycle and hence reduce the consumption of virgin materials. 

Why should you get involved?

Improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of your company.

Reduction of your waste and costs involved in removing it.

Direct contribution to creative and physical learning.

Indirect investment made for the future generation.

Waste User



As a creator, you always need loads of materials to actualise your concepts. Be it maker education at school, hands-on DIY projects at home, artistic installations etc. there is always a requirement of novel materials. But have you ever thought where this stuff comes from and what happens once you are done fabricating your beautiful designs?

Well, procuring materials from us will enable you to use better stuff that would have otherwise been discarded already. You become a key changemaker by extending the lifetime of such materials by applying them in your creative endeavours.

Why should you get involved?

All materials provided are of low cost- to the environment & your pocket.

Easy availability of recycled materials.

Education about integrated circular systems.

Added layer of sustainability in your concepts.

Learn about materials from the perspectives of history, culture, technology etc.




We are building a better connected network of sourcing, storing, processing and supplying recycled materials for all sorts of educational and artistic activities. For this, we require funds, workshop space, warehousing, transportation etc. along with skilled and enthusiastic professionals from a range of fields.

With your help, suggestions and contributions, we aim to make impact on the way we consume our resources and equip as many parties as possible with an opportunity to green transformation.

Why should you get involved?

Your volunteering service will impact the green cause.
Gauge how can you bring sustainability in your field of expertise.
Networking possibility within our like-minded database.
Opportunity to learn about how to run an innovative initiative.

We look forward to your response.

Thanks for submitting!

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