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De CyKlus

Dit project is gecreëerd door Wilma Oosterkamp tijdens haar stage bij Makers on the Move

Strange and mysterious. Maybe a little messy and crazy. Alien and futuristic. Imagine if you could fly and swim at the same time. Or that trees could float and bicycles could fly. That you could design animals and dissolve buildings. The CyKLUS is a kit with which you can build whatever you want. DIY with bicycle parts, in a completely circular way.

In the link below, you can see the results of one workshop.

Wil je zelf papierpulp maken? Of juist meedoen aan de challenge? Kijk hieronder hoe je mee kan doen en zelf aan de slag kan gaan!

recept de CyKlus
Download • 301KB
Download PDF • 216KB


Enkele experimenten en variaties met de kartonpulp


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