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We are
Makers on
the Move.

We are developing a material bank to stimulate recycled material usage in creative maker activities.

"We collect residual material from local companies in Gelderland, which we subsequently research, supply and use for manufacturing activities"

The power of Making

We stand for 'learning by making'! Making is thinking about- and at the same time being physically involved with materials and tools. The creative process in which you make your own discoveries helps to develop an inventive mindset.

Sustainability goals

We are responsible for our planet. We want reuse to become a habit and for raw materials to be treated with care. Makers on the move strives to be an inspiration in this.

The makers of the future

By promoting 'making learning', we want to let children track down creative-technical professions such as engineers, builders, fitters, electrical technicians or system developers and thereby reduce technical shortages.


Power of Making

Establishing disposable material flows and

an accessible Material Bank



Waste User


All manufacturing facilities that have considerable amounts of

surplus/ off-cut/ discarded materials.

Ex: Local producers, makers, companies etc.

Includes all potential recyclers seeking better materials applicable in educational and/or creative challenges.

Ex:  Schools, Cultural organizations, artists etc. 

Are you or do you know a company with usable residual material?
Are you interested in getting hands-on with sustainable material?
Do you want to get involved?
Then drop us a line!

For producers, makers and  companies.

For cultural and educational institutions, schools,
artists and other creative makers.

For Funds, Engaged, Suggestions and more.

Stay up to date!

Follow us on instagram! Here we share our latest activities and more. 

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